Steve Blake John Gilchrist fight Saturday, Aug 27 2011 

Unreal video just surfaced from nine years ago. Pretty epic.



Nothing Worse than Wasted Talent Saturday, Aug 27 2011 


The career that was not…. Saturday, Aug 27 2011 

As I sit at home on friday night nursing my broken ankle and sipping on some JW, I began to reminisce about the career that was not. The career I am speaking of is the basketball career of Jp.

Joey Perlson’s game blossomed in first grade as he averaged 8,5 and 3 in Solomon Slammers for the Sixers. In second grade he became part of the Bulls and averaged 17 5 4 and hit a buzzer beater in the ship to win 37-36 over Sam Klein his arch nemesis. In third grade he averaged 22, In fourth he averaged 24, and in 5th he averaged 27 and set the record for points in a game and points in an elementary school career in the state of NY. Rivals.Com had him as the #47th ranked national prospect.

His parents made him go to SSDS middle school but he was still determined to slay the game and murk some reggins. In sixth grade he was part of championship team and averaged 4.5 points per game as the ninth man. In seventh grade he led a solid team to a 15-2 record and started his career playing alongside YZG AKA HARRY POTTER AKA  THE PROFESSOR. Yonah Greenstein is now the starting PG at Bard the kid is mad nice, but back in the day he was dece butter. An analogy to compare is I was Filet Mignon and Yonah was 2 hot dogs with out any toppings on them. Bottom line, his game was world of the plain, and he was straight bread loaf.  In 8th grade he went on rampages against some kids that could play. Averaged 27 and led his squad to a 15-13 record in the best middle school conference in Long Island.

After 8th grade he never played another game for a school team. Attending Syosset High School his game did not fit the likes of the vanilla butter aka Jeremy Abrams and the genius sauce Jason Raskin. Bottom line, Syosset High School was political and The Perlson’s were new to the place. He played in Syosset Basketball Rec League from 9-12 and won a ship and averaged 22 for his career. He was inducted into the SBL hall of fame the following year.

At Indiana University he created an intramural squad at Indiana Univerity. The SuperChronics were the squad and along side CHODE,  AG, BRAM, AI, GROSSFIELD, GOLDY, SKRAM, MORTON, JAFFE, CHUCK, FATY the squad had a 27-4 career record with 3 semifinal appearances. They won the less prestigious YMCA LEAGUE. He averaged 17 for his college career and took his talents to back to NY. He was dominating the NY area at sportTime and LT FITNESS and then someone speared him in the ankle because he was talkin mad nice smackingtons and hitting real clutch three’acettes. The color of this guys skin wont be revealed nor will the hatred I feel for him.

As I sit here with a broken ankle reminiscing about the career that was not, I think about the emerging careers. Those are golf and Copier/MPS sales. If you don’t buy your copier from me Or you have a large print fleet and don’t buy MPS from me your just not being logical. It would be like scotch taping cheeseburgers to your knees and using them as shin guards to play roller hockey. Enjoy your nights out and don’t feel sorry for this Forest Gimp.

This Hurricane Is the Real Deal HolyField Friday, Aug 26 2011 

I haven’t really been payin attention to this hurricane thats supposedly going to hit NY until tonight. People have been tellin me that the hurricane is guna be bad, and there will be damage but i just been noddin my head and agreeing while actually just thinking about eatin Yims. Things changed though tonight as Deepdales finest Justin Solof, also a part time meteorologist told me that it could get ugly. Solof told me that he’s seeing the color purple on the radar and that he’s never seen this color before. I’m usually all bout the purp, but not in this case. We are talkin purple hurricanes, not the Hamburglar or Barney but some disastrous storms that cause the delay of Entourage and Curb, and maybe some falling trees. Bottomline, Solof doesn’t fuck around, He’s Darryl Kestners side kick for a god damn reason. The kid smacks a golf ball 3hundy+ and has the putting stroke of a young Brad Faxon.

I’m worried bout something happening to the GB…..

Seasoned Veteran awards of 2011, tonight on ABC Thursday, Aug 25 2011 

The nominees of the seasoned veteran of 2011 are as follows.

1) Bram Phillipson- Young gun, kills the game day in and day out, just started his career in Chi town and recently helped Miguel Prado with his swing mechanics.

2) Marcus Perlson- CPA of the year on Long Island, helped produce a young Joseph Orenthal Perlson, averages 73 unreal comments a day.

3) Alan Greenberg- Co founder of Avenues Private School, As seasoned as they come, very charitable and extremely innovative.

4) Alex Green- Dudes been killin the game since the games been invented, makes the most seasoned of vets have Bill Buckner moments on the reg, dudes swish game is obscene.

5) Jared Mandel- Dude hasn’t made a dumb comment since 1991. Brain size is 3x the average male and he’s certified in veteranism.

The results are being tallied as we speak……



Decoy of The Day Thursday, Aug 25 2011 

Jeff Cofman is one of the top 1,000 men in the world. Chillin with Cofman is one of the top accomplishments I put on my resume. He kinda looks like Larry from the Big Green, lets be realistic. Both of them kill the game, no questioning that. 

Treaty of Perly Wok Thursday, Aug 25 2011 

Today was a good day, I was able to move a bizhub c220 and make mends with Yims. As I pulled into my driveway at 615 pm I was confronted by the owners of Yims and two of the staff members who always make my chicken. They were awaiting my arrival bearing gifts of Dim Sum’s, Egg Foo Young, and General Tsao’s Chicken Sliders. It is a treaty that will be celebrated for years to come. The war only lasted about 4 days but the Yiminites realized that they would suffer casualties if they waited any longer. That is why they came to my house and begged for my sympathy and asked for me to end the boycott. I obliged and we signed the documents at 731 pm and right after I shook hands with General Tsao. I missed Yim’s a lot over the boycott of 2011 and am happy to be back in the game. Tonight i realized a valuable lesson…. Veterans some times take a break from normalcy in order to change the status quo. Here are Pictures from the Treaty of Perly Wok.

Anchorage is Amateur Hour Wednesday, Aug 24 2011

softer than elbaum wearing his kings lid.

Ur Darn right I watch LLWS Wednesday, Aug 24 2011 

Year in and year out I tune into the the Little League World Series. Right now I’m watching Georgia versus the hometown favorite of Keystone PA. Every year theres a kid that looks like he’s 17 and just kills the game. This year is no different, there is a kid on the Georgia team named Jake Fromm who looks sloth from the goonies but plays baseball like a young Troy Tulowitzki. The kid just went yard and it would’ve been gone to straight away center at shea stadium. The next half inning he makes a fully extended diving catch at short. His mom also is pretty delightful to look at, I’m not sure how she conceived this beast of a child. 


“Weight Transfer” Tuesday, Aug 23 2011 

I’ve started blogging about topics other than golf because I’ve recently realized theres a lot more to life than golf. Unfortunately it took me a broken ankle to realize this. For all of you that are pissed about not enough golf do not fret, I will still throw you all the abundant knowledge that I store in my cranium.  Heres the tip of the night divided into 4 parts.

1) When swinging the club you want to keep your body relatively still while transferring your body weight from back foot to front foot.

2) As you set up to the shot you want your body weight to be centered over the golf ball. 50% body weight on left leg, 50% body weight on right leg.

3) As you draw the club back and get to the top of the backswing your body weight should be mostly planted on the left side of your right ankle (for righties).

4) Here is something that took me years to master but if you concentrate on it you can master it in no time. The first thing you do when you get to the top of the backswing is transfer that body weight to the right side of your left ankle via body rotation. not a body shift. This sounds complicated but if you can master it, you will be bombing your drives and crisping your irons. I’m talkin cocoa crispiness levels, rocking the rice crispy stimpmeters.

Enjoy the tip, 

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