This blog will be the biggest thing that the world has seen since the internet was created. I’m a better golf instructor than Hank Haney, Butch Harmon, This new Foley guy Tiger has and your head pro at your country club. Some might ask, Perly why aren’t you a tour pro or giving lessons for dough??? My response to this simple question is that I am a consultant for Doctor Print. I’m killin the printer/copier/managed print services game and simply want to share golf knowledge/ swing thoughts on the side. I will also be sharing miscallaneous funny thoughts in this blog so even if you dont give a fuck about golf you should follow my shit. Bottomline though, I’m sharing information about the game that will have you saying to yourself, “Damn Perl” your a goddarn golf genie. I know that because i had the oppurtunity to watch Rory Mcilroy play a practice round at the 2009 US open and embark some knowledge on him. Rory was overdrawing the golf ball and consistently missing fairways and greens, he was in no shape to compete for a US open Crown. After a bad tee shot on his 11th hole of the day I said Rory hit another one. He hit another one and same thing, Hits a hook into the left trees. I said Rory step away from the ball and stop thinking about this problem… You need to regroup and think about all those long bombs you’ve striped down the middle. As I engrained this small thought I also fixed his alignment and posture, his grip happened to be fine. I opened his shoulders to the target and fixed his posturee…… BOOOOOM. Next thing you know hes bombing the ball down the center hitting crispier iron shots than a crispy potato latke from Bens kosher deli. Bottomline, i know a little shit about the game and want to share it with you peasants. If you dont want to read it, your dumb. Its as siple as that. My first blog will be later tonight focused on gripping the golf club. I will share some thoughts about the grip that will make you hit the ball a million times better. ENJOY.