Alignment is like sex, if your not doing it right it wont feel good. The average golfer can swing the club pretty well but when it comes to setting up to hitting a golf shot, they don’t know what feels or looks right. Its pretty much like a virgin setting up for doggy style, They’d probably approach from the front. If you don’t align yourself properly you wont be able to put a good swing on the ball, Its that fucking simple. For instance if you set up to a free throw you will naturally square your body with the hoop and its easy to do this because the hoop is right in front of you. Golf is a different story, you are standing beside the ball and must align yourself parallel to the target as oppose to perpendicular. Next time you go the range, don’t think about if your swinging the golf club well, think about if you are well aligned. You are probably saying to yourself well how can i align myself properly without PERLY J standing behind me telling me it looks good.. The answer to this question can be answered with the PERLY FILET pre-shot alignment drill. When setting up to a golf shot you want to make sure that 3 things are aligned properly, these are: feet, shoulders, clubface. If one of these is off it will affect your shot in a negative manner. Lets start with the feet… Next time you set up to a golf shot put a club down so it is touching your toes and is pointing towards your target. If the club is laying down parallel toward your target line then your you mean business and can now address your shoulder alignment. Shoulder alignment is tricky because the only way you can see if your shoulders are nicely aligned is by looking in a mirror. I would suggest going in front of a mirror and setting up like you are going to hit a shot. If you are a slicer your shoulders will be opened, which means they will face left of the target (for righties). If you are a hooker, sort of like Elkins, and ugly bitches charging for sex then your shoulders will be closed to the target. Now heres a 500$ tip. The line the golf ball starts on is correlated to your shoulder line, the point where it ends is related to your feet line. This is why when a right handed player sets up to hit a draw, there feet are parallel to the target, but their shoulders are closed to it. If you understand that, hitting a draw and fade will be simple. Next the club face being square to the target is pretty much common sense. I wont even delve into that because it should be straight forward even for the most amateuristic of amateurs. Even Eli Moldstein at 4 am in the morning post sports could square the clubface to the target. I hope this tip serves you well….. Bottom line, next time your hitting the ball poorly or in the wrong direction, Its probably not your swing, Its just setting up to the shot correctly.

Remember check your alignment, no matter what the climate.