Golf is a long game, playing 18 holes can take almost 5 hours long. The half way house was created to grab some brews and get some hot dogs  after the 9th hole. The veteran play is obviously get two hot dogs with saurkraut, 3 heinekens, and a bottle of gatorade. Quickly scarf down the dogs and chug the gatorade and then conserve the 3 beers over the next 9 holes. Not everyone is a seasoned veteran when it comes to snacking at the halfway house. I’ve played with all types of amateurs who make rookie mistakes when the kind old woman asks them for their order. I’ve seen everything from ordering a chicken salad sandwich to getting some prune juice. After orders like these how can one expect to strike a golf ball with an ounce of masculinity. I admit good golfers like all sorts of different food and beverages but if you’ve had a bad front nine you need to fuel up with the Perl midway special, 2 dogs, 3 brews, 1 gator. DBG (dogs,beer,gatorade)—-> Don’t Be Gay.

The moral of this post is: Make the right play at the halfway house. The golfing gods see what you order and dont take kindly to Elbaumism. I’ve never golfed with Elbaum but I’m sure he gets a virgin strawberry daquiri and a bean burger after nine holes.

Bottom line: After nine, (Dont be Gay), Make the right Play..