Since the Georgetown China basketball game I have not shown my face at Yim’s. Usually I’m at Yim’s everyday just talkin with my chinese brethren or indulging in some type of delectable chinese cuisine.  But I’m callin it quits for now and to be honest I haven’t craved it the slightest bit. I walked by yesterday just to peer into the windows and the woman who works behind the counter threw some dim sum at me. I was heated to say least but I know that to defeat the chinese, I need to outsmart them, that homing dim sum missile could have sparked a battle that I probably wouldn’t have won. As I was walking home I saw mad ninjas inside Yim’s with nun-chucks and bamboo sticks. I know they are ready for me, so I’ll have to attack when they least expect it. Until then though, i cant bring myself to eat what makes me most happy in life. I’m just not that guy, I support diabetes prevention, my dad already beat it and so did Austin Freeman. The bottomline is….. The chinese are plotting….. You heard it here first.