Working in the Copier/Printing industry has its benefits. Konica Minolta was nice enough to latch onto us and supply with box seats to a yankee game and now I’m the lucky recipient of 4 seats to watch the barclays from VIP 17TH hole. This means all you can drink Johnny Walker’s, all you can eat Filet Mignon Sliders and you get to watch the best players in the world play some golf.

Its moments like this that you gotta live in the moment, get wasted and slay. I haven’t thought about who to bring yet because I cant think of a seasoned enough veteran that can handle all you can drink booze and filet mignon sliders. Any veterans or people who wana talk bizhub’s hit me up on the bottom of the post and I’ll invite you. My coworker and boy Mike Christie is also coming with a guest of his choice, he is a natural born killer and makes the competition look dumber than bookies who take bets from the bro.

Tomorrows Tuesday- The buttermilk biscuit was invented Tuesday August  23rd of 1873 by Gertrude Callahan, lets celebrate her achievement and dedication to the game.