I’ve started blogging about topics other than golf because I’ve recently realized theres a lot more to life than golf. Unfortunately it took me a broken ankle to realize this. For all of you that are pissed about not enough golf do not fret, I will still throw you all the abundant knowledge that I store in my cranium.  Heres the tip of the night divided into 4 parts.

1) When swinging the club you want to keep your body relatively still while transferring your body weight from back foot to front foot.

2) As you set up to the shot you want your body weight to be centered over the golf ball. 50% body weight on left leg, 50% body weight on right leg.

3) As you draw the club back and get to the top of the backswing your body weight should be mostly planted on the left side of your right ankle (for righties).

4) Here is something that took me years to master but if you concentrate on it you can master it in no time. The first thing you do when you get to the top of the backswing is transfer that body weight to the right side of your left ankle via body rotation. not a body shift. This sounds complicated but if you can master it, you will be bombing your drives and crisping your irons. I’m talkin cocoa crispiness levels, rocking the rice crispy stimpmeters.

Enjoy the tip,