The nominees of the seasoned veteran of 2011 are as follows.

1) Bram Phillipson- Young gun, kills the game day in and day out, just started his career in Chi town and recently helped Miguel Prado with his swing mechanics.

2) Marcus Perlson- CPA of the year on Long Island, helped produce a young Joseph Orenthal Perlson, averages 73 unreal comments a day.

3) Alan Greenberg- Co founder of Avenues Private School, As seasoned as they come, very charitable and extremely innovative.

4) Alex Green- Dudes been killin the game since the games been invented, makes the most seasoned of vets have Bill Buckner moments on the reg, dudes swish game is obscene.

5) Jared Mandel- Dude hasn’t made a dumb comment since 1991. Brain size is 3x the average male and he’s certified in veteranism.

The results are being tallied as we speak……