I haven’t really been payin attention to this hurricane thats supposedly going to hit NY until tonight. People have been tellin me that the hurricane is guna be bad, and there will be damage but i just been noddin my head and agreeing while actually just thinking about eatin Yims. Things changed though tonight as Deepdales finest Justin Solof, also a part time meteorologist told me that it could get ugly. Solof told me that he’s seeing the color purple on the radar and that he’s never seen this color before. I’m usually all bout the purp, but not in this case. We are talkin purple hurricanes, not the Hamburglar or Barney but some disastrous storms that cause the delay of Entourage and Curb, and maybe some falling trees. Bottomline, Solof doesn’t fuck around, He’s Darryl Kestners side kick for a god damn reason. The kid smacks a golf ball 3hundy+ and has the putting stroke of a young Brad Faxon.

I’m worried bout something happening to the GB…..