You know what really grinds my gears? Dudes who feel that it is a cool idea to bring their ladies to the gym with them.  Here we have a guy doing abs with a female.  If he is a trainer…cool, if he is a relative…cool, but if he is either her boyfriend or is trying to fuck her… he is a damn pussy.  What men do in the gym is behind the scenes work.  It is a means to an end.  All females need to worry about is the end product.  They benefit from the end product, it is theirs to enjoy….but goddamnit if you feel the need to impress a female by bringing her to the gym and watching you do reps, you are an insecure fuckhead, or just dont have any boys to go lift with. 


To make matters worse when guys feel the need to bring their hott girlfriend to the gym they usually approach it in a few different ways:

  1. They get pissed and mean mug all the dudes staring at his girls ass when she does squats in tiny yoga shorts.
  2. They bring her to show off to all the other dudes in the gym that they have a hott girl
  3. Or they are just that big of pussies.

Either way its lame.  The weightroom is one thing, and it is even acceptable to go jogging or biking with your girl but what really chaps my ass is when you can’t get on a court and play a real game of hoops because there is some douchebag who thought it would be cute to go shoot around on the court with his girlfriend.  She stands at the foul line shooting with the same form as a nine year old retard while her boyfriend gets her rebound.  She giggles, he says try again…and the stupid petty cycle continues.  Just because you and your girl watched Love & Basketball and she said she isn’t that good at hoops, and you said that she should come to the gym and you will teach her, does not justify such a display of utter softness. I hope these guys remember what I am about to write: You are not Quincy McCall and your girl is not Monica.  Unless you’re both top recruits at USC, go fuck yourself.








PS: Many people I know and love are guilty of this act. This article is not meant for you, just everybody else.