My Peoples!! My bad for my absence over the past few days, I have been busy cultivating my crops and doing mad community service. On Friday I was kind enough to help an indian man make a pot of Curry Bean stew, and I also helped mother Theresa teach black kids how to read. Basically I was doin mad good stuff so that my fantasy teams would be blessed for week one. I feel blessed, but only slightly blessed. The reason for this is that i drafted unreal squads, the outcome isn’t in gods hands, it has already been determined. I thought about this for a while on saturday and decided no more good deeds for me. God doesn’t determine my fantasy outcomes, I have already drafted unbeatable squads and nothing will stop me from burning your crops and raping your women. I’m not going to go into detail of how my fantasy team did, but I will tell you about triple P

Triple P or Perly’s Primetime Performers are a legion of players who have have banded together in order to prove Perl correct on his Pre-Season NFL thoughts. To make a long story short, I know these players will have breakout years.

Let me start with the topic of my last blog post. BRANDON MARSHALL. I have this monster in both my leagues. He is family to me, last weekend I had Brandon over for some steaks and scotch and we talked about what needs to be done this year. Chad Henne knows what to do with the football these days and he’s lookin for B-MARSH.

After years of deliberation, Steve Smith is back!!! He is mad happy to have a QB that’s 1/10 as black as he is. Steve smith only tries when he’s happy and he is currently smiling with Cam FIG Newton at the helm. Expect similar numbers all season long.

Deion Branch- Just one of many of tom brady’s chess pieces. Deion Branch is equivalent to a knight. He runs mad up 3 over 1 routs. He will consistenly catch 6+balls a game and expect some td’s down the road.

I dont even want to dive into my RB’s, but I’ll mention their names. On one team i got Lesean mCcoy and Darren Mcfadden and on the other I got Peyton Hillis and Adrian Peterson. I’m aware that this isn’t fair and that is why it is out of gods hands. On that subject I have been seeing Rabbi’s give mad attitude to me lately. Yes they are mad nicingtons at reading the torah, but to be honest they think they are better men then everyone else. C’mon man, you got a great job. You pray in front of a bunch of people on friday/saturday and you chill in the temple on other days. Its a pretty god darn good gig, These rabbis get paid mad money and then are mad mean to everyone. Shits weak, my fantasy squad is god like, and Belgrad remains soft.

Just me and some PPP members. Just a bunch of seasoned vets chillin.