Your boy J Ains here. I am on my lunch break and I thought this would be a good time to give our readers a little advice about having high expectations about anything. Bad idea… Let me elaborate…

Last Valentines day I told my lady friend, “Lady Friend, you should expect mediocrity on Valentines Day.”  This leaves tons of room to impress. I got flowers, put together a nice dinner with mad cheese and Boom! I impressed.  This concept has been around since Adam showed Eve his jimmy-jam. Once Eve grubbed on that apple and had that snake crawl up her pooty-poot she envisioned Adam’s ding-dong as nothing special.  She was right, and therefore not disappointed. She was content with the result. Adam then proceeded to pump her cheeks until there were billions of people on this earth.









Expecting mediocrity at all times comes in handy with any situation. It is relevant with your favorite sports teams, favorite restaurants and also your friends. I have a friend named Matthew Jared Wolk. Anyone who knows this scrappy, short, handsome, aggressive  individual knows that he will not answer his phone or call you back unless he has something good to say. His friends no longer get mad about the absent callbacks, because it is expected. He is most likely J-ing off, or grubbin on some lays chips and mayonaise, but we still love the man.




If you expect all the girls at the bar, your next Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s, bag of gunja, or the performance of your cable provider to all be mediocre at best…you are doing the right thing!

The equation is as simple as the Rick Ross Grunt

Expecting Mediocrity= Satisfaction of the results