Yims Wok Real talk, just had that scrumptious chinese food for lunch. House special chicken with some mooshu pancakes. put some white rice, b-roccolli’s, and some house special chicken nuggies in a pancake, roll that shit up, and enjoy your chinese burrito. What you know about that Chipotle??

Onto some shit that matters though, another sunday and another day of dumb jews wagering money and following their fantasy teams. I however am one ofthe smart jews, my fantasy teams are nice and wagers look right. From now on you will be graced with Perlys Pick’s on Sunday. Bet on these games and you will win dough, its that easy.

Player Prop of week- Fred Jackson rushes for more yards than Ben Jarvus Fiend Ellis -2.5. Freddy is gunna run the ball like a young OJ Simpson. There is no doubt this hits, get it while its hot.

First half Play of Week- Dolphins -.5 first half- Peyton Hillis not playin, but BMARSH is. It’s a simple as that, eat a dick Colt Mcgoy.

Tease of the Week- Pats -.5, San frAN +9- San fran probably wins htis game, and the pats definitely do. fred Jackson and AJ Green can only do so much.

PARLAY OF WEEK- Dont need to go into detail on this one.

Parlay (5 Teams) 09/25/11 11:55 ET
bet 10.00 to win 142.82 Result: Pending
Denver Broncos
Tennessee Titans
09/25/2011(13:00 ET)
Over 44
Jacksonville Jaguars
Carolina Panthers
09/25/2011(13:00 ET)
Carolina Panthers -3 (-125)
Miami Dolphins
Cleveland Browns
09/25/2011(13:00 ET)
Miami Dolphins -1
New England Patriots
Buffalo Bills
09/25/2011(13:00 ET)
New England Patriots -340
New York Jets
Oakland Raiders
09/25/2011(16:05 ET)
Oakland Raiders +3 (-125)

Enjoy Sunday everyone.