Perly killin it with the gameday post…every sunday homeboy. The NFL needs these types of young pioneers…



Anywho…today I want to discuss something that really pisses me off: grown ass men still wearing Hollister t-shirts.  There is not too much to say on this subject so I am going to get right to the point.  When I am in the mall making my rounds between Foot Locker, Champs, Finish Line, Lids, and the food court I am forced to walk by Hollister.  The second I walk by Hollister I am hit with a stench that smells like a Bar Mitzvah party dance floor.  This smell attracts young teens and pedafiles.  But it also lures the Tim Tebowish dudes of the world. These dudes think since they have been taking creatine and just doing biceps and chest they are qualified to wear a fucking lame motherfucking t-shirt like this.  They also probably know the dude working there. They truly believe that  a pair of bullshit jeans with ten intentional rips in them and a Hollister T will make them a threat out on there on the field.  They will be as big of a threat as Jermaine O’neal when he first went to the Celtics.  I mean these dudes will be as successful as Allen Iverson when he was playing in Turkey.  You know that Steve Francis was cut from an international team last year for being out of shape? Pathetic…… Fuck, I’m getting off topic.





Axe spray, and a Hollister t-shirt doesn’t get you pussy…not at this age.  When we were 13 every badass, smooth dude was rockin A&F and Hollister and sprayin their jimmy with Axe before they went to the ladies crib to touch a few breasts and get some K’s on their L’s. But once you get older, get a fuckin clue. That shit is lame than a motherfucker!

Bottom Line: If I see a grown ass man wearing a Hollister t-shirt to go out or even to class or work, I immediately lose respect for the man. Our dedicated readership already knows the criteria for being a “Tebow” and since then many of them  have been able to point out Tebow’s they randomly encounter. I am almost embarrassed that I forgot to mention in the Tim Tebow article that “Tim Tebow’s” stay rockin Hollister.  If you see a man wearing a kippah he is Jewish.  If you see a man wearing a Hollister t-shirt, he sucks. Simple as that Jack.

 These dudes can’t even drink whiskey…they most likely order vodka and soda like a bitch. For a girl….great drink. For a grown ass man…go fuck yourself. (just my opinion)

Even in this pic the one dude on the left is jerkin off…..not normal folks!