After going grocery shopping the last thing I want to do is walk the empty shopping cart to the designated shopping cart recycling area.  At one point in that shopping carts day they were something.  They had character, they were full of life.  They were filled with groceries: mad cheese, frozen chicken wings, Hawaiin Punch, asparagus etc…

But once that motherfucker is empty, and all its belongings are in someones dark trunk, that cart needs to go somewhere.  It always seems like that somehwere is nowhere near your car.  I don’t care it it is 20 ft away from your car, it’s still too far.  Fuck returning the shopping carts to where you’re supposed to.  You just spent money, and unloaded that shit, returning it to a bullshit ass designated place is the last thing you want to do. 

And listen up….. Now that we on the subject of grocery items, lets talk about ranch. If you have ranch in you fridge and it aint made by Hidden Valley, then you’re just a plain retard. If you got that kraft low fat bull shit then you are a peasant. Ranch is not a commodity, stop treating it like it is one.