The first 30 seconds of this video shows Dean Portman, the second bash brother show up just in time to beat on the Varsity squad in Mighty Ducks D3.  Please enjoy:

This dude comes in fresh out of Chi-Town and said he saw his scholarship lying around and his attorney told him to sign it.  Haha what the fuck is that?? Is his attorney going around his house looking at papers, found the scholarship and was like, “Hey Dean, you should sign this, Fulton and Charley are going to need you for the season.”  Well listen up dickhead, they could have used you for the whole season.  Or is Dean on probation or some shit, and his lawyer thought that going to a preppy ass school to play hockey would make him look better for the judge?  Or is Dean such a G that he had Johnny Cochran for a lawyer?  Cochran did represent athletes, so it’s a possibility. I guess we’ll never know.

I just find it hilarious that thats how they wanted to introduce Portman into this movie.  This actor (link to his IMDB) took time off from blowin lines and gettin a perfect perm to join Disney as the bad ass motherfucker from Chicago.  This dude was the test bunny for N.O-Explod back in the 90s.  I also want to add that the announcer fuckin kills it in this scene.  That kid is a G. Respect.  Well Dean Portman’s lawyer told me to wrap it up, so peace.