As most of our readership was growing up we enjoyed watching Even Stevens on the Disney channel back in the day. Louis Stevens was pretty funny and we were prepared to accept him as one of our own.  And when I say one of our own i do not mean the next Leonardo DiCaprio or Matt Damon. What I mean is that Louis Stevens was a clown and seemed like a cool dude to smoke trees with and just chill.  He even looked just like my boy Henry Buestone Smith when he was a child:

  No one knew what was to come with this young man (Shia, not Henry), and to be honest I don’t fucking understand it one bit.  Maybe there is something I don’t know or some big secret that only people in Hollywood understand about him, but he ain’t no Harrison Ford, hes no Charlie Sheen, and by god he did not deserve to stick it to Megan Fox.  Call me a hater, or call me a realist…but what the fuck is goin on here? 

There is no excuse for this type of shit. Not from this dude. 

However I also want to take this opportunity to shout out to my boy Beans.  He had to listened to Shia’s shit for years, and he still kept it real.  He’s a goofy ass motherfucker, but still gets his.  And if Shia actually dates chicks like Megan Fox, then Beans must be fucking Jennifer Aniston on a yacht in Cabo right about now.  That is an interesting scene to imagine…  

 I also want to recognize that Ren Stevens could catch it these days.  She stepped up her career quite a bit after Even Stevens, and in case you didn’t know she is also Ray Romanos daughter.  She did the voice of Kim Possible and for all the male readers out there, she recently displays her breasts on film in a shower scene, and boy is she healthy…(the movie is called Mirrors 2).  It is worth doing research…

Sorry Ray, but instead of “Everybody Loves Raymond”, there might be a show called “Everybody Loves Raymond’s Daughter’s Jugs”.  Or something along those lines.