I know this is obvious, but it must be said.  Flo from the Progressive Auto Insurance commercials truly ruins my day.  I could be having a great day, and i mean cheese curds great.  However the second this fucking bitch shows up on my screen with that jolly ass sarcastic stupid fucking humor, my day is ruined.  Flo’s face, voice and overall demeanor, which makes 50 year old women chuckle, makes me want to take my roomates’ droid and Zack Greinke that shit towards my TV.

I honestly want to ask a few of my boys to run train on her, video tape it send it to All State Auto Insurance PR department, and let them have a field day with the footage.  That full proof plan would surely end her career.  No doubt she will end up with a show on the food network, or will work alongside Juno for a Juno sequal or some shit, but if I don’t have to see her face or hear her voice on commercials every five seconds, I’m cool with it.



Also, this is a  good opportunity to shout out to the All-State guy.  Now this is the way it is supposed to be done.  This dude was President Palmer in 24.  He was the real first black president if you ask me.  I didn’t even know who Obama was, back when I was watching President Palmer make moves.   He was also Pedro Cerrano in Major League.  Cerrano batted cleanup, was a crazy religious man, and shaved his head with a big ass knife.  This dudes resume, voice and presence makes me want to try all state stan.


These insurance companies need to stick with the “Pedro Cerrano’s” as their spokesman, and stay clear of stupid, not funny bitches like Flo.  I am sorry if you like Flo or are related to her, but she is a liability to my well-being and must go.