I am pretty sure that half of my clothes were not purchased by me, or my mother.  Throughout my 22 years of living I have obtained a great wardrobe compiled with fresh basketball shorts, tight winter hats and many other garments that once belonged to one of my boys.  What are the rules to this situation?  It often plays out like this:

  • Your boy brings a bag of clothes to change at your crib for one reason or another.
  • He leaves his shirt, hat, shorts etc at your place assuming he will just get it back at a later time–no fuckin way my man.
  • You are in your room weeks later, and see this said garment and say to yourself, “well, i can just wear it once, and you put it on and it looks real fresh”.  Congratulations man, that item just became yours.
  • However, the spotting then occurs.  You go to the gym, party, class, work with the garment on and the previous owner/investor sees it and calls you out… now it is very important to enforce the rules.

This is where it gets tricky…do you have to give it back?  After a certain amount of people have seen you in the shirt, if it fits you better than the other dude, or you already got your puke, piss, or any sort of bodily fluids on it, then it is automatically yours.

My dear friend Jeremy Tissenbaum left these TX shorts at my place when we were like twelve. I wore them for years.  I have no idea where they are now, and if the person who is wearing them with a smile on their face is reading this…congrats dickhead they are officially yours.




This Steeler t belonged to my brother Jason Aizenman, and he left it at my apt.  This motherfucker has a lineup of liek 5 t-shirts that he rotates through every week.  Him leaving this here fucks his rotation, but the shirt fits perfectly, I have recieved over 5 comments so it is officially mine.  Sorry J “Blue” Aiz!

So to answer the question:

It is ok to wear your friends clothes.  Sometimes fate puts this gear in your hands and you should never look back.  If a friend wants to start shit with you for wearing his gear tell him to read J Ain’s Official Rules to Wearing Your Friends Gear. Have a good friday everyone.