Many writers and young Pittsburgh pioneers have tried to define “cutting up” before and it is always a very risky move.  Regardless, everyone, especially those that are not from Pittsburgh need to know what is means to cut up.  First let’s pay respect to the Pittsburgh cutups that came long before me.  We have a celebrity line-up of cut ups consisting of Myron Cope (see pic below), Al Martin, and the late Billy Mays (yes, he was from McKees Rocks).  It doesn’t matter what neighborhood you are from in Pittsburgh, from Homewood to Squirrel Hill to East Hills to fuckin McKeesport.  Everyone knows what it means to cut up.

An easy way to define cutting up would be just to say “clowning around” or “poking fun at”  but those generic ass terms don’t do it justice.  Cutting up is a way of life.  It is a connection between a minimum of two people that are in on the same joke.  Other people may not even know that you are joking, but those who are well versed in cuttin up will be cracking up.  I have heard teachers yell at the class to “stop cutting up”.  If I were to just chill with my boy Z Sonn on his couch and blaze and not stop laughing for an hour cuttin up on shit, that would be known as a “cut up session”.  If someone asks me what I am doing on Saturday night, I could easily respond, “just cuttin up”.  That could really mean anything, but one thing that is guaranteed is that I will be enjoying myself with one of my friends.  Cutting up could be blazing, drinking, or soberly clownin shit.

Cutting up is not usually a productive thing, but is always enjoyable.  Maybe it is the Pittsburgh state of mind, but obviously that isn’t true because Perly is 1st team All-American in the NCUL, National Cut Up League.

This concept of cutting up has been instilled in me so deeply that i practically cannot turn it off….ever.  However I am a severe case.  Everyone has some cut up in them, they just need to trigger the Cut Up Electrons (CUE). So if you have any friends from Pittsburgh those electrons have already been triggered.  This is science people, it has been verified by Dr. Donny Yinzer. Look it up asshole.

I hope that I successfully explained the concept of “cutting up” and if you are still confused, you can call my boy Sammy Hartman: