What you know about the Wendys Dank Burger? It is an invention I concocted after one of my very first dooby sessions. Fast food veterans around the world know about the jr bacon cheeseburger, all i really did was take it to the next level. I’m about to lay out the directions for constructing a dank burger, you have a few options along the way but the original dank burger follows my guidelines 100%.

Rule 1- Start with your base sandwich. I generally use the jr. bacon cheeseburger, plain. I don’t fux wit mayonnaise, i had a dream that god told me its the white devil.

Rule 2- Order your chicken nuggets. Ever since wendys started with the spicy chicken nuggets I have been getting them. Lay 3 chicken nuggets, on the patty of your JBC.

Rule 3- Order small french fries. lay exactly 13 french fries down on top of your nuggets which is on top of your patty.

Rule 4- Put bbq sauce and honey mustard on your dank burger. After years of research I have figured out that chick filet sauce is just honey mustard and bbq sauce.

If you follow these 4 rules you will have a great dining experience. Amateurs live by dumb rules of saying not to mix poultry and beef on a sandwich. Please try this sandwich at a wendys near you.