As I’m sure most of you know it is african american veteran week starting today. I would like to commemorate one of the greatest and most genius black announcers to ever walk planet Earth. His name is Walt “Clyde” Frazier, and he’s a 9.4 on the veteran scale. He’s the color commentator for the NYK Knicks and he has more one liners than a young Chris Farley. I would just like to thank him for his contribution to the game and his dedicated membership to the SOGM (Society of good men). Below are some unreal rhymes and other types of phrases that have contributed to his latest ranking of 31 on the latest veteran big board.



Out-muscling and Out-hustling
Dishing and Swishing
Hustling and Bustling
Movin’ and Grovin’!
Slicing and Dicing to the hoop!
Swooping and Hooping
Bounding and Astounding
Wheeling and Dealing
Shaking and Baking
Dancing and Prancing
Posting and Toasting
Styling and Profiling
Will the Thrill
Nate the Great
Stumbling and Bumbling
Spinning and Winning
Loosey Goosey
Huffing and Stuffing
Winning and Grinning


Feline Quickness
Matador Defense
Swiss Cheese Defense
Shrewd, Clever, Slick