Phil and Lil done did it again.

For this week’s cartoon pic-a-da-week (say it fast,) I would like to explain whats goin on in this Rugrats episode.  It was a Saturday afternoon and Tommy emailed Phil and cc’ed Lil. He said that they should shroom today and to hit up their boy and get them an eighth a piece.  Phil and Lil are always down. Between those two poster-children for ADD, they can find anything at any time.  They get it, get a ride from their moms and finally arrive to Tommy’s crib with the product.

Tommy, “You two crazy motherfuckers…did you get those booms?”

Phil, “What the fuck do you think?? (pulls that shit out of his diaper) Always….baby.”

Tommy, “My dude….Chucky is comin through in like 15 min, lets grub on these real quick, and then mix this shit in Chucky’s bottle.  That pussy ass ginger four eyed fuck won’t eat them, so we gotta trick him.  After that we headin to the woods for some real shit….”

(2.5 hrs later)

They are trippin hard in the woods. Chucky thinks the devil took over his body, Phil and Lil are crackin up together because they think all the sticks on the ground look like spaghetti and Tommy found a fucking baby.  I know that the baby is his little brother, but i stopped watching the show before that… so fuck off.

Just as they started really booming this pic was snapped.  I am not sure about what sort of adventures they went through the rest of the day, but this pic documents an adventure they will never forget.