My dear friend Miller McCormick happens to have a pretty famous brother.  However Miller is somewhat of a celebrity himself.  He had pecs and shaved since he was twelve years old, hes a beast at graphic design, could have gone pro in baseball (in my opinion) and has a mediocre sized jimmy…

Since Miller’s brother is so famous he is part of an elite group of siblings that all share a common aspect of their lives….their siblings are famous as fuck while they are as normal as a Red Lobster in the burbs.  The other day Miller told me he is going to start a group called–“Celebrities Siblings Anonymous”.  This group will include people like Johnny Drama, Donny Wahlberg, and whoever the fuck is related to the kid from Two and a Half Men who recently hit puberty.  

CSA (celebrities siblings anonymous) meetings will take place in synagogues, community rec centers, churches and Einstein Bagels across the country.  Miller will obviously be the leader of the meetings.  No groupies allowed….no paparrazi allowed….only Busch Light beer and string cheese is allowed (preferably Cheese Head Brand).  No matter how much yinz might want to go to these meetings and get fucked up on Busch Light and Mozzarella  you aint fuckin welcome unless your brother is famous. 

But they need to be very famous.  Like this dude doesn’t even count as famous enough:





If this dickhead from Entourage and Oceans 11 is your brother, then stay the fuck home.  The security is very heavy and they will be watching the door very carefully.  My cousin Adam will be watching the door and you do not want to fuck with this dude:

He used to be security for this roided homo from Jersey Shore, but now he works full time making sure the CSA meetings give their members what they deserve…..

Anyone who feels the need to attend these meetings and have a brother who is famous as fuck, as usual contact Alex Pattis of the University of Arizona. Peace.