I’ll tell you one thing… Sandusky fucking ruined this pic-a-da-week.  Before Sandusky became more popular Calvin Klein, this dude would have made it out of this day alive….but once again Sandusky fucked shit up for JoePA looking motherfuckers everywhere.

What had happened was this old dudes house was about to get seized from the dude in Happy Gilmore who seizes Grandma’s house.  He wasn’t having any of that bullshit because him and his shorty stayed gettin busy in that crib and makin mad good meals.


He said fuck it and went to study abroad in Australia like my boys Kras and Zubrowsky.  He brought his house so he wouldn’t have to throw the appraiser through his front window like the dude in Happy Gilmore.  While he was hiking and  minding his own damn business this little, fat, nerdy, half-retarded fuck wouldn’t leave him alone about borrowing five dollars for some popcorn or queso dip or some shit.

As they made it back in town some dude thought this old man was Sandusky and shot him in the grillpiece.