I been on my Wendy’s scheme lately. I made a genius play the other night when I put my spicy chicken go wrap, into my plain double stack, and threw BBQ sauce on it. My boy Mike Christie practically nominated me for the Nobel Peace prize but decided against it last second. Tonight was a different night however. It could have turned disastrous if not for the Unsung Wendy’s Hero named Juanita.

I pulled through the drive-thru after Juanita eloquently took my order of Spicy chicken sando and a bottle of wooter. I gave her my ten bucks, and just proceeded to drive away. It was top five biggest amateur moves of all time. I completely forgot that I was there to get my Travis Diener, when Juanita jumped through the glass drive through window and ran towards my moving whip. She smacked my window and I opened it and she gave me my delicious wendys treats. Bottom line, the drivethru woman doesn’t get enough respect. She’s taking orders, collecting peoples moneys, and doing heroic things on the reg. I’m thankful that Juanita works at my Wendy’s.