Jaiz making his debut on the island Friday, Nov 25 2011 




Bugs Got His Spot Blown Up… Thursday, Nov 17 2011 

Yinz know what time it is!  Put down the gatorade…take a break from the l…it is time for the “pic-a-da-week”!!!!!


I know all of you have seen Spacejam before and think that this is a pic of Bugs spittin some simple ass game to this dime ass bunny with big ol hogans, but in reality it is a bit different. Look at bugs face and see if you recognize that expression.

Some may think this face means he has wood, and some may even think he just farted some buffalo wild wings while wearing those fresh authentic Toon Squad away shorts….but no.  Bugs had just laid pipe with that chick right before they came out for the game.  He hit that shit in the parking lot in her Mazda 2 door coupe. These two slammed like rabbits.  Shared her last cig and came out on the court.  This game bugs has 25 points, 11 assists, 2 steals, and 2 charges (his feet were clearly set on both of them too).  This chick saw the floor for a minute at the start of the 2nd quarter, but she got hers.

Unfortunately after the game Lola Bunny got kinda drunk off jungle juice and fucked this dude:

KILL THE GAME TODAY Thursday, Nov 17 2011 



Yo I’m living the life, yo I’m livin the life, and if you ain’t with it shorty then you’re part of the hype. This dude’s got a great head on his shoulders. Clearly he is stacking a surplus of provolone and he’s got a great jumper. The dude’s clearly top 5 boys with Jason Terry and he definitely stuffs bitches like they are Manicotti’s. I really respect him for throwin mad queso down in order to film this video.



One Hell of an American Wednesday, Nov 9 2011 

Why does he have to do that? Saturday, Nov 5 2011 

Watch the first 2 or so seconds of this video very carefully. Before Ben Affleck begins his speech on how to feed hungry ass kids, the camera has him dramatically sending a text:

I don’t even blame Ben for this, hes a busy dude with a career and kids and shit, but I blame whoever was in charge of editing this video. Are you fucking  kidding me? You didn’t have enough footage of this man speaking that you had to put him checking his fucking fantasy team , or texting his girl or agent or some shit?

The music is dope, good message but the American public could do without this dude checking the statusof his cell phone battery…

Shrooms ain’t no joke… Tuesday, Nov 1 2011 

Phil and Lil done did it again.

For this week’s cartoon pic-a-da-week (say it fast,) I would like to explain whats goin on in this Rugrats episode.  It was a Saturday afternoon and Tommy emailed Phil and cc’ed Lil. He said that they should shroom today and to hit up their boy and get them an eighth a piece.  Phil and Lil are always down. Between those two poster-children for ADD, they can find anything at any time.  They get it, get a ride from their moms and finally arrive to Tommy’s crib with the product.

Tommy, “You two crazy motherfuckers…did you get those booms?”

Phil, “What the fuck do you think?? (pulls that shit out of his diaper) Always….baby.”

Tommy, “My dude….Chucky is comin through in like 15 min, lets grub on these real quick, and then mix this shit in Chucky’s bottle.  That pussy ass ginger four eyed fuck won’t eat them, so we gotta trick him.  After that we headin to the woods for some real shit….”

(2.5 hrs later)

They are trippin hard in the woods. Chucky thinks the devil took over his body, Phil and Lil are crackin up together because they think all the sticks on the ground look like spaghetti and Tommy found a fucking baby.  I know that the baby is his little brother, but i stopped watching the show before that… so fuck off.

Just as they started really booming this pic was snapped.  I am not sure about what sort of adventures they went through the rest of the day, but this pic documents an adventure they will never forget.

African American Veteran Week Saturday, Oct 29 2011 

As I’m sure most of you know it is african american veteran week starting today. I would like to commemorate one of the greatest and most genius black announcers to ever walk planet Earth. His name is Walt “Clyde” Frazier, and he’s a 9.4 on the veteran scale. He’s the color commentator for the NYK Knicks and he has more one liners than a young Chris Farley. I would just like to thank him for his contribution to the game and his dedicated membership to the SOGM (Society of good men). Below are some unreal rhymes and other types of phrases that have contributed to his latest ranking of 31 on the latest veteran big board.



Out-muscling and Out-hustling
Dishing and Swishing
Hustling and Bustling
Movin’ and Grovin’!
Slicing and Dicing to the hoop!
Swooping and Hooping
Bounding and Astounding
Wheeling and Dealing
Shaking and Baking
Dancing and Prancing
Posting and Toasting
Styling and Profiling
Will the Thrill
Nate the Great
Stumbling and Bumbling
Spinning and Winning
Loosey Goosey
Huffing and Stuffing
Winning and Grinning


Feline Quickness
Matador Defense
Swiss Cheese Defense
Shrewd, Clever, Slick

Killing the game at an early age Friday, Oct 28 2011 

Get a load of this video. This young negro is absolutely killing the game. It is rare for a young gun to drop such veteran lines but somehow this kid goes on a nice streak. I’m really feeling his cut as well. If I was a young negro I would probably alternate between a fro and what this kid rocks. Bottomline, this kids gotta drop the skateboard and pick up a basketball. Stop chilling with these spanish wana be tony Hawks and hit up the hoop court to play ball. Theres nothing worse than wasted talent. YA DIG…


What you know about my Waffle Necklace? Thursday, Oct 27 2011 

So I was browsing the internet looking for something to interest me, when I came across one of the most innovative genius contraptions I have ever seen. This item doesn’t have any functionalities other than killing the game, and making me look fresh. This item I speak of is my new necklace, that has a waffle on it. Waffles are a delicious food and I am happy to awake every morning and strap on my waffle. To make things better, my waffles got made butters on it. Dont fux wit it, but you can buy the glazed doughnut or chocolate chip necklace if you want.



Is Daniel Tosh a Gay? Wednesday, Oct 26 2011 

First let me say that I am a big fan of Daniel Tosh, and think his show is hilarious.  Its also a great idea to create a show that just plays youtube videos and has a guy clowning them. It is the first of its kind and there will be many others just like it in the future…

Now that I got that out of the way, I must address the question that all of his viewers are thinking: is this dude gay or what?  If he is, cool.  If he is not, then I am just confused.  There is no way that this dude is not gay, he is always naked doing gay shit, and to be honest I hope he is gay.  If he isn’t a gay then he is just a pretty weird dude. 

If someone out there knows the actual answer, and has proof contact Jason Aizenman.  But what do you think?

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