This dude is about as valuable to his organization as sprouts are to the Turkey Tom at Jimmy Johns’s.


 How the fuck can they expect this nerd-dick-cheese-pussy-fuck to lead a team of hall of famers, and get them pumped up and motivate them and shit??  This shmuck-ass looks more like their accountant who likes to chill with them on the court or a dorky scientist doing experiments on Chris Bosh, trying to figure out what the fuck that dude is.

At least Dr. Scientist Spoelstra has made progress with Avatar-ass C bosh since he came from the Raptors:


Neither Lebron nor D Wade need a coach so they hired this butt head to keep his fucking mouth shut, and take it in the ass from Ronny Turiaf (which can’t be too much fun) .  

This is just my opinion on the dude…but my man Perly got some big old unrelated nacho cheese to get off his chest.  This dude been hibernatin like a polar bear in Alaska just grubbin Polar Bear pussy for like 6 months.  Now J Ains off the leash, and Perly got his tongue out of polar bear bitches ass cracks out of hibernation and shit, grubbin big ass fish with eskimos.  We back…..